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Hey everyone! I’m Adam, the heart, soul, and scribbling hand behind Monkey Feet Illustration.

If you’ve ever wondered where creativity gets its kicks, you’ve just found the place! My journey into the world of illustration has been one wild ride, filled with vibrant colours, whimsical characters, and stories that leap off the page and do a little jig on your imagination.

Nestled in the creative hub of my Cheshire studio, I’ve been conjuring up illustrations for over a decade, drawing on my rich experience across a spectrum of design roles.

From illustration to web design, and marketing to reprographics, every twist and turn has infused my work with a unique flavour and flair.

close up children's illustration of 2 kids in a bath
children's illustration of 'waddy' the world's greatest footballer, scoring a goal
children's illustration of a donkey being assessed at the vet's
children's illustration showing' Waddy' practising his football skills in the lounge, in the bedroom and in the garden as a youngster
children's illustration of a lady showing an image of a donkey on her smart phone
childrens' illustration of 2 x witches, a cat and a cauldron
children's illustration of a flying bat
children's illustration showing 3 pirates on board a pirate ship
children's illustration of a fox
children's illustration showing a line up of a rough football team
children's illustration of a fish in a pond
children's illustration showing a donkey that's just exploded
children's illustration of a witch on her broom
children's illustration of a cow for a logo 'maalu moo'
children's illustration of 'Waddy' driving out of his mansion in a bright red sports car

At Monkey Feet Illustration, I’m all about breathing life into ideas, turning them into visual spectacles that speak volumes.

Whether it’s a whimsical children’s book, a dynamic editorial piece, or anything in between, I’m always on the prowl for the next exciting project.

So, if you’re looking to add a splash of imagination to your next project, you know where to find me.

Let’s create something unforgettable together!

Dive into the world of Monkey Feet Illustration, where every illustration is a step into a new adventure.

What? My signature style is not what you were after?

Then check out my full list of alternative techniques here:

It’s rare to find a supplier that ticks every box, but Adam at Monkey Feet Illustration does exactly that!

He delivers quality illustrations, on brief, and on time and is great value for money. In fact, I see him not as a supplier but an extension to my team.

I’ve used Monkey Feet Illustration on many occasions over the years and each and every time Adam has delivered quality work on time and within budget.

An absolutely fantastic illustrator who delivers for my team time and time again. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Steve White

Managing Director, Red C Marketing

Ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat for us at a moments notice, working with Adam at Monkey Feet is always a joy.

As all of our projects are so deadline driven, we need an artist we can trust to deliver on time.

Adam’s good humour relieves the stress of a project and his super organised approach ensures timely delivery every time.

Yvonne Dean

Managing Director, Blooberry Design

“When it came to refreshing a key character hero shot for our My First JCB wall mural, we knew exactly where to turn.

The delivery of bright and bold CGI illustration was spot on, perfect for inspiring young imaginations and delivering a valuable new asset for our brand extension programme.

All handled and managed smoothly by Adam. We really dig Monkey Feet Illustration!”

Sam Johnson

Senior Licensing Manager, JCB

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