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Daniels is an independent illustrator/animator and graphic design professional. He has a real passion for Brit Pop and scooters (but by no means limited to) and his unique, individual style, elongating limbs is, well, quite unique.
Davies specialises in quirky, contemporary character creation within Adobe Illustrator.
Ellen illustrates alongside her day to day styling job, she has made her contacts through her styling jobs and started creating commissioned artwork for various fashion houses and publications.
Henry undertakes work in a wide variety of design/illustration disciplines and media with an emphasis on hand skills but using computers to manipulate the imagery.
Fantastic vector illustrations that have a real decorative 'print feel' finish.
Thomas works as a freelance digital illustrator focusing on a combination of architectural watercolours, architectural CGI, 3D technical and 2D technical illustration.
Prince is a seasoned illustrator with over 10 years of experience. Although working in digital is her preferred method, she is also capable of producing quality artwork in gouache, watercolour, ink and marker when required.
Trent is a quality illustrator with over 10 years experience.
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