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Rimes has a totally unique style of illustration production having developed clever use of collage to create her imagery.
Fun, cute, colourful - the perfect combination for any animal character and Price incorporates them all.
A highly gifted vector illustrator who has recently started creating children's illustrations too.
O'Toole works as a freelance illustrator creating bespoke artwork for the children's market and has over 15 years of experience in the industry.
Jones' ability to create fun, cute, loveable characters is second to none.
Cam has created artwork for licensed characters now for many years, including Bob the Builder and more recently, having been given the responsibility to create the style guide for the entire range of the JCB characters you see all around you today.
The artist Etna is originally from Romford but lived in Paris for many years before returning to Britain and gaining her Fine Arts degree at the Slade School of Fine Art.
Moy possesses both the love and ability to create fun, cute, loveable characters which appeal to all ages.
A highly talented illustrator, specialising in cute illustration artwork for children’s book illustration and greeting cards.
A specialist in 'cute' illustration, Malone uses traditional skills to perfectly capture each and every occasion.
Sinclair produces gorgeous illustrations ready to be included in any great children's book.
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