Tata Dushan is a fashion, lifestyle, luxury illustrator and portraitist. She creates high quality, memorable and custom illustration for fashion houses, brands, boutiques, advertising, individual projects around the world.

The bespoke illustrative style of Tatiana Dushenkova (or Tata Dushan Illustrator) is inspired by beauty, travel, shopping, long walks in nature, japanese and modern art, impressionism.
Tatiana has been painting since she was two. At first she studied with her grandfather. He was a decorator and noticed the granddaughter's ability and desire for drawing in time. Then Tatiana studied with a professional painter in academic drawing, still life and painting in high school. But she always liked to draw people (ballerinas, fairy princesses, movie heroines, mother, classmates, friends, fashion icons, actresses, models). Drawing is her life!
Tatiana Dushenkova (or Tata Dushan Illustrator) is has been full-time illustrating today. She also likes to use ink, watercolor and digital drawing apps.
It adds personality to her style.

Fashion and lifestyle illustration by Tata Dushan is stylish and feminine. This enhances the feminine beauty. And humor illustration visualizes funny situations from life. It's a humorous style with a touch of irony. This allows her to implement interesting ideas. And she will gladly share her custom illustration with you.